Sunday, July 22, 2007


For those of you just joining us, some explanation of my frequent use of the word "IMPORT" is in order.

You see, Axinar's was largely started in response to several blogs by a certain Indian-Malaysian friend of mine. Now, despite being very bright and an excellent writer, this friend of mine would spend her blogging hours prattling on about some sort of chocolate drink called "Milo" and stringing hundreds of pronouns together attempting to express her displeasure with being forced to continue to breathe because some goofnozzle over there in Malaysia was no longer expressing his undying love and affection for her or something of the sort.

I said, "Good God, woman, you need to write about something of some IMPORT!"

She said, "Where did that come from?"

Well, The Axinar, being the ultimate pack-rat, has actually SAVED and painstakingly copied to CD the original 1/4" reel-to-reel audio tapes that my grandparents and parents exchanged back in 1965 when my parents were stationed in the Panama Canal Zone.

Apparently my grandmother was prattling on about the inanities of the day and my grandfather was pitching around in the background as if he had something else to say:

I guess you just had to know my grandfather ... :)



At July 22, 2007 at 10:21 PM, Blogger Ariel said...

my posts were trivial and pointless and yet you stuck around.


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