Friday, August 31, 2007

CA Internet Security Suite 2007 Spreading Like Wildfire

So I'm going through my daily allotment of pseudo-spam and I come across something that looked reasonable interesting - namely this refubished eMachines T3604 that TigerDirect will sell you for $199.99 after rebate and certain other conditions.

Of course it comes with an awe-inspiring 512MB of RAM running Windows Vista Home Basic (have they lost their minds?), a whopping huge 120GB hard drive, and - get this - CA Internet Security Suite 2007.

Yes, boys and girls, the very same CA Internet Security Suite 2007 that RoadRunner hands out.

The very same CA Internet Security Suite 2007 that has such an agressive firewall out of the box that it will stop MSNBC from loading properly.

Now ... think about this for a minute ... presumably you would buy a $200 refurb box trying to run Vista on 512MB of RAM for some really basic user - someone maybe in the range of age 4 who presumably has never been on a computer to notice how HORRENDOUSLY slow Vista must run on 512MB of RAM - and THEN you're going to throw them a firewall that will be screaming at them every time they go pretty much ANYWHERE???

Have they REALLY lost they DAMN minds??

Speaking of which ...

Have any of you ever actually BOUGHT an eMachines box??

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