Monday, February 11, 2008

WCPO Running Follow-Up To Anthem Mental Health Story Tonight At 6pm

My good buddy Hagit Limor was nice enough to tip me off that WCPO will be running a follow-up to the "Anthem Mental Health" story they ran back in July and that was covered here.

Good heavens - the Mainstream Media actually READS Axinar's.

Our favorite ConspiracyNut will be alarmed.

The Malaysian contingent however I believe will be impressed. :)

Ms. Limor tells me this follow-up story running tonight at 6pm on WCPO, Channel 9 will be "even stronger than the original".

Whether she means to say that the smell of abject greed will be even stronger or that the nausea induced on the part of the viewers will be even stronger upon learning about even MORE penny-pinching tactics on the part of the health insurance industry that jeopardize people's health, sanity, and solvency she didn't say, but this ought to be a good one.

My DVR is set ... now let's hope Time-Warner can keep the thing running until then ... :)

On that topic:
Nine Secrets Health Insurers Don't Want You to Know -

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