Friday, March 28, 2008

Amanda Baggs - Big Pharma Advocate?

Well, JUST when - I suppose out of sheer boredom more than anything else - a person is getting ready to say, "You know, I still think this guy is nuts, but I can see how someone might ask some of these questions upon first being exposed to this material," that person goes and displays to the world that, in addition to being unbelievably rude, his cheese is teetering ominously over the edge of the cracker.

Get this - if I understand this fool's last posting correctly, he seems to actually be saying that Amanda Baggs is merely "playing the part" of an autistic person in order to - get this - promote the agenda of the pharmaceutical companies.


I suppose the thinking goes something like this if you can call it thinking - he seems to be saying that the pharmaceutical companies put Amanda Baggs up to the task of promoting a viewpoint that autism is perfectly okay and people should stop trying to find a cause or cure, and, in so doing, promote the notion that vaccines are perfectly okay.

Oh, yes, Amanda's #1 Fan has lost it. Utterly.

I'm beginning to suspect Amanda's #1 Fan is autisic himself.

Talk about narrow interests.

Aside from a few brief mentions about horses, it seems this fool's entire life is consumed with the notion that his son's severe autism was caused by mercury derivative preservatives in vaccines and that Amanda Baggs is single-handedly attempting to cause deliberate harm to his son by advocating that his son NOT be treated like a horse.

[[Light bulb turns on over the Axinar's head]]


Although I haven't found anything to indicate his level of involvement with horses, it's possible that Amanda's #1 Fan TRAINS horses and might very well figure that such techniques might be effective on autistic humans.

Actually, the more I read of his spew, the more I REALLY begin to believe he is autistic himself and that his own parents brutalized him until he thought he wasn't. Unlike Captain Picard, he finally DID see five lights.

Now he's conditioned to think that ANY sort of autistic symptoms are right up there with demonic possession or something of the sort.

The government (and Amanda Baggs apparently by his thinking) have pretty much PUT A CURSE on his son and he seems to be on a quest to exorcise this curse.

And of course he's super-paranoid - even thinks Google is out to get him when there's not a shred of verifiable evidence that they have done anything against him at all.

You know, at the end of the day, I feel sorrier for him than I do for Amanda. Yes, not being able to consistently negotiate the ladies' room is one of the biggest indignities a human being can be made to suffer through, but I cannot imagine what it would be like for one's ENTIRE life down to the last second to be consumed with such intractable hatred ...



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