Monday, April 28, 2008

"Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software [Crapware]"

There's a great piece running on Lifehacker about alternatives to Windows software.

Somehow I'm thinking my favorite Conspiracy Nut friend wrote this piece.

It mentions quite a few popular pieces of software but the one that caught my attention is that it roasts alive pretty much ALL virus scanning sofware - McAfee and Norton for sure, and although in the main body of the article it says AVG and Avast are superior alternatives, it then makes a quick link to a site with a bunch of comments from people who have switched to Linux and tossed their anti-virus software entirely.

Although, once this article gets done trashing everything, what's left? Will MSNBC even load right in Firefox on Ubuntu as stripped down as this article is talking about?

Oh, that's right, MSNBC is connected to both Microsoft AND GE, so I'm guessing the Conspiracy Nut "In-Crowd" wouldn't bring up MSNBC anyway.

Where DOES the Conspiracy Nut "In-Crowd" hang out anyway?


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