Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paul Johnson: Insurance Salesman Or Political Candidate?

As much as I hate to admit it, one of my favorite moments of the day hits about 6:03pm when, believe it or not, I will actually turn off my Star Trek soundtrack CD's in order to tune to 55KRC (550 AM - WKRC - Cincinnati) in order to listen to the diatribe of the day of from Paul Johnson of Walton, Kentucky.

Now, ostensibly, Paul Johnson is an insurance salesman - and with a HEAVY Kentucky accent will tell you how he can sell you health plans that include (and you'd get a kick out of how he pronounces these - puts you in mind of the late Kash Amburgy) free PAP, PSA and colonoscopy.

HOWEVER, generally speaking, on the WAY to trying to sell you insurance, he usually gives you a little lecture on ultra-right wing political topics.

The last few days before today he was actually singing the National Anthem.

My car speakers were considerably stressed.

He talks about his web site alot too - Paul Johnson Insurance - decidedly a Web 1.0 product - with a GLARING typo of his main sales phone number in a GIF file where he's imploring the Congress to drill for oil in ANWR.

His spot today was interesting and one I hadn't heard before. There was so much political content about the oil issue he didn't even take the time to remind me of the free PAP, PSA and colonoscopy.

He raved on for quite some time about how the Chinese were drilling for oil off the coast of Florida and that he had a YouTube video about his energy policy.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - an insurance salesman from Walton, Kentucky is now setting U.S. energy policy.

I went flying to the web site of course and - yikes - no link to a YouTube video.

I also did extensive YouTube searches and found nothing.

Did 55KRC run the spot too soon?

Did Paul Johnson's crack web production team drop the ball?

He talks about the original 30' X 42' flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write Star Spangled Banner.

I saw the Star Spangled Banner up fairly close the last time I was in Washington when it was undergoing restoration.

It is somewhat impressive.

And it sometimes REALLY turns my stomach that so many young men and women have DIED so that the American people can be denied DECENT HEALTH COVERAGE so that YOUR hyper-inflated individual coverage dollars can be used to buy outrageous amounts of AIR TIME to spew reactionary propoganda.

Sometimes I swear to GOD they need to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

But, until then, Paul Johnson certain has the right to say his piece.

Now where in the HELL is the YouTube video he was talking about???

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At July 18, 2008 at 2:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Axinar,

Is that your real name? I've never heard that before.

This is that Southern voice of Paul Johnson. It's 2:00 AM July 2008 and I woke up as I thinking about the Energy Freedom Video we may have completed in a few days.

Somehow fate took me to your blog. I remember hearing Cash Ambergy on the radio on my way to college.

Thanks for most of your words. Just be patient that video is on the way. I'd like to share a cup of coffee, talk about America, and a precious friend sometime. You sond like a sharp (I would assume young man).

Glad to know someone is listening.
Call me sometime. My number is on my web site.

Neve Forget,

Paul Johnson

At July 18, 2008 at 2:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOPS. The day is july 18, 2008 and there is a "u" in sound. Hillbillys make mistakes as do bloggers.


Paul Johnson

At July 26, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your search on youtube will be rewarded. "ETHANOL & ENERGY FREEDOM REVOLUTION"

Start packing you bag now for MILLIONENERGYUSERMARCH by Eric Deters a lawyer in Northern KY at HIGH NOON OCTOBER 13, 2008.

His office called and he wants to meet with him Monday. Take a look at his site. How about that? An insurance agent and a lawyer joining hands to fight high gas prices and trying to set energy policy.

Never Forget,

Paul Johnson


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