Friday, August 29, 2008

Axinar's Vs. The Chicago Liberal Front

Rush Limbaugh for the last little while has been talking about Obama being thoroughly a product of the Chicago Liberal establishment, so it was quite fortunate that I stumbled across that PSA in The Nation from this organization called The Chicago Abortion Fund.

First of all I found the name striking. Not, "The Chicago Choice Fund" or something of the sort. No euphamisms - flat out - in your face - '60's style - "We're collecting money to pay for poor women to get abortions."

THEN I discover they have a blog called "My Voice, My Choice, My Blog".

Well, at least the title of the blog is a little more "mild".

The first post I saw was from someone named Gaylon who said, in part, "Every human being should have the right to make their own reproductive health choices."

Now I know Gaylon probably didn't mean to say it this way, so I left a comment to the effect that if EVERY human being should have the right to make their own reproductive health choices, then presumably a man should have the right to abort a pregnancy he caused as well. And, in lieu of the Josef Mengele-esque scene that invokes, I'm thinking men should at least have the right to be absolved of the potentially crippling and incarcerating financial responsibility that comes along with producing children.

Now Gaylon responded - not with claiming to have misspoken or anything of the sort but with, "If you don't want children and you are not taking birth control then don't have sex."

Good heavens! That's a PRO-LIFE attitude.

Someone named Emelda then chimed in with, "... if you are engaged in a heterosexual relationship, you should talk about what choices you both think you would like to make if a pregnancy were to happen."

Of course that line put me in mind of a discussion I once heard about movies where sometimes, in the heat of lovemaking the woman says, "Make me pregnant!" and some have commented this is totally unrealistic, but then along comes a gay guy who says, "That's perfectly possible ... I've said that to MY partner in the 'heat of the moment'."

We'll leave that visual for another discussion of course.

Again, Emelda seems to be expressing a "Pro-Life" type of attitude - only it seems very sexist to me - that reproductive considerations stop at the sheets for men, but, I presume, at labor for women.

Then of course I flat out accused her of being sexist and THEN the high test liberal blood floated to the surface:

"Women do not have systematic power in our culture and therefore, by political definition, can not be sexist."

Horse hockey.

I once asked a very dear African-American friend of mine about this concept once. I said we would call a White person who just doesn't "sit right" with Blacks or some other "minority" words like "prejudiced" or "racist". I asked her what they would call someone from her community who just had a problem with Whites.

She didn't hesitate for a second - "ignorant".

Yes, as we learned in the Star Trek episode Court Martial, it's perfectly natural if a person or group of persons has shown hatred and disresect for you for decades, centuries, or millenia, it is perfectly natural to show hatred and disrespect for that person or group in return, but, in so doing, you have become racist, sexist, classist, etc., yourself.

Now, believe it or not, I don't have a problem with this group existing. However, if they truly believed in "reproductive freedom", they would sit with me a great deal easier if they also collected money to help PARENTS raise their children who wanted to keep them as well.

And, yes, they'd REALLY impress me if they collected money to allow men who have no business being parents move on with their lives without being hunted down by The State as if they had murdered 30 people ...



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