Saturday, November 29, 2008

Now There Really Is A WKRP In Cincinnati

Well, it looks like our local low-power TV station has changed to a digital transmitter and to mark the occasion they apparently have applied to change their callsign to WKRP.

Back in the '70's there was a sitcom on CBS about a fictional radio station called WKRP In Cincinnati, which was one of my favorite TV series from that era.

For the Malaysian contingent, I don't know if they have this blocked outside the US, but it looks like they have a live streaming feed if you'd care to see the kind of stuff filling the airwaves in this neck of the woods.

Actually I had been a little concerned about getting my digital converter boxes so early that they didn't have analog pass-thru, but now it looks like our low-power station has gone digital before the deadline so the boxes I did get should work out just fine - I hope ...

Okay ... I just took a look with my converter box. They are running 4 separate channels - all with BAD audio problems. The legal call sign looks to be "WOTH" for now. It definitely looks to have potential after they iron out the audio problems though.


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