Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Axinar's Dissed Again

As reported in The Cincinnati Nation, Axinar's, along with a number of other prominent locally-based blogs, did not make the CinTechUSA/Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Top 10 Best Blogs List.

Who DID make the list? Well, pretty much the only really familiar name is everyone's favorite local cybersquatter, Brian Griffin's Cincinnati Blog.

Now, mind you, obviously Brian has been at it alot longer than most of the rest of us. Brian has a "serious" blog - in fact - a few years back when City Hall put the kibosh on all blog reading on city time, then-mayor Charlie Luken made an exception for Cincinnati Blog.

What's missing from Cincinnati Blog? Yes, blatent histrionics and outrageous assertions.

Now, where can you turn for that?

Well, first of all you have my good buddy Nate Livingston and his Cincinnati Black Blog. For those of you who have forgotten, this is the young man who did time in the pokey for shouting down the mayor with bullhorn in the middle of Fountain Square. I knew Nate when he was in high school. He was kneehigh to a grasshopper and such a quiet, introverted bookworm that I nearly fell over when I realized he was the guy with the bullhorn - oh - and the blog.

The Cincinnati Beacon - this is a collaborative effort by Justin Jeffre, Michael Earl Patton, and a certified lunatic who calls himself "The Dean of Cincinnati". Of course The Dean is very entertaining, usually writes on serious topics, and is nice enough to leave me voice mails accusing me of being a racist for griping about WCPO's habit from late last year of habitually JIP'ing "Star Trek: Remastered":

And, of course Axinar's.

Now, I admit there may be reasons for CinTechUSA and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber overlooking the brilliance of Axinar's.

As I've gone over with The Dean on numerous occasions, Axinar's is not JUST about Cincinnati-area issues.

What IS it about?

Well, believe it or not, it started out because it was the only way I could get any attention whatsoever from a certain statuesque, hyperglycemic, histrionic former Indian-Malaysian newspaper reporter who had her own blog variously on at least Xanga and Blogspot who used to prattle on for dozens of paragraphs about a chocolate drink called Milo and how she would most assuredly wither and perish because this goofnozzle who fashioned himself a Sith Lord wasn't worshipping the ground she walked on any more.

Then of course along came the story of the young Tamil-American pediatrician named Malar Balasubramanian who brought some REAL South Asian drama to the Tri-State area. In an email she wrote after juicing her mother up with 35 Xannie bars and then strangling her, Malar wrote of feeling depressed and that she felt she was, "a second rate friend, second rate sibling ... second rate daugther, second rate doctor." She did say though at one time she wanted "a life full of good and true friends, good and true love, good and true intentions and purpose."

After writing all this she dragged her mother's body into a black 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue, drove to a parking lot in Blue Ash, exited the vehicle and was later picked up half naked and soaking wet.

After some legal wranglings, she eventually changed her plea to guilty to the charge of involuntary manslaughter and is now a year and a half into serving 10 years in the slammer.

THEN there was the Kabaka Oba / Howard Beatty cable public access feud that resulted in Kabaka getting blown away by Howard right across the street from City Hall while Cincinnati City Council was in session, causing Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory to soil himself and hire Scottie Johnson as a body guard.

The assasination of Kabaka Oba set loose his paramour, Joy Rolland, to make several ADDITIONAL Public Access cable appearances, where, amongst other things, she accused Howard Beatty's family of SMELLING like drug dealers. She also showed herself to be VERY fond of the "N" word. She then apparently tried to run her baby daddy over with her car and hasn't been heard from much since being sentenced for that incident.

THEN I ran off to get married and had to bring on a "guest blogger" in the form of a friend of my histrionic former newspaper writer friend - namely a sub-compact Tamil-Malaysian spitfire who calls herself "Crankshaft". She of course introduced the English-speaking world to "gambar bogel".

Of course then, in a moment of UTTER frustration, I deleted the whole mess, so no wonder people don't know this is one of the best Cincinnati-based blogs ...


At August 2, 2007 at 9:34 PM, Blogger Crankshaft said...

..a sub-compact Tamil-Malaysian spitfire..

Just when I think you've exhausted adjectives for me, you prove me wrong... :)

At August 3, 2007 at 7:45 AM, Blogger Axinar said...



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