Sunday, August 5, 2007

Malaysian Discovers Illuminati / Trilateral Commission / New World Order

So I stumble across this blog called Malay Women in Malaysia, not because of the Malaysia connection, but rather because the author appears to have discovered the work of the secretive world-wide governing force in Malaysia. This force is sometimes called the Illuminati, the New World Order, or various other names.

Actually in Malaysia I suppose they have even more reason than in the US to be paranoid of secretive para-governmental organizations. Over there apparently they have this group called "The Special Branch" that has been known to make people "dissapear" who are critical of the Malaysian government or the majority Muslim population.

The author of this blog goes on to say, "Malaysians must learn to travel and see the world outside of Malaysia. Only then you would know what is really going on in the world today. You will learn nothing from our silly mainstream news."

Well, you'll figure out pretty much the same thing if you come to the US. In fact, what you'll find that's bizarre over here - out Ruling Elite is SO sure of their power over the mainstream media outlets that they don't even TRY to completely muzzle alternative voices - at least not directly.

You can start up a blog or a web page or even a print newspaper here and largely no one will care - not so much out of any sort of respect for the First Amendment but rather because The Powers That Be know that nobody will give a damn. If you don't have control over millions upon millions of dollars to buy thirty second spots on the major networks by the boatload, quite frankly no one of any IMPORT will hear a bit of what you have to say.

Now he goes on to talk about the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati and the New World Order, explaining that those who are ostensibly in power, the prominent politicians, are really puppets for some larger, more sinister power.

I have had similar thoughts. Of course, generally speaking, our own President, Congressmen and Senators are not truly in power. They are, each and every one of them, beholden to staggeringly wealthy interests that pay them OBSCENE amounts of money to buy 30 second television commercials so they can get re-elected.

Now, of course we think we might be able to trace the people with the money to the "CEO's" of the major corporations, but of course they, in turn, are beholden to the "Board of Directors", who are turn beholden to the "shareholders".

Now who are the shareholders? Sometimes we think the "shareholders" are retirees and private investors, but, no, more and more often you see the major shareholders of many enormous companies as just a tiny handful of increasingly foreign-owned banks plus the stray state teachers' retirement fund.

Sometimes I think if you could actually track down the path of all the major decisions, you would ultimately turn up ONE person who is calling the majority of the shots.

There is precent for tracing pervasive ideology back to a single source. For instance, apparently the thinking that lead up to the 9/11 attacks traces back to a single incident where a certain Sayyid Qutb was accosted by a drunken bar fly on a cruise ship. This incident so insulted him that he believed the entire culture that allowed for such behavior needed to be eradicated and set into play a chain of events that has lead directly to the horrid state of affairs we are in now.

Saidul A. Shaari, author of the "Malay Women in Malaysia" blog, refers to a couple of presumably powerful politicians there as "... just puppets; puppets who have to answer to a lot of powerful people outside of Malaysia."

I think the same is true of the United States. As dangerous as Bush and Cheney are - what with having immediately access to nuclear weapons and all - I believe they, in turn, are working off debts to some powerful, powerful people. Who those people are I have NO idea, but I'm pretty sure they are as little American as they are Malaysian.

In fact, considering how utterly ruthless these "Secret World Powers" are, I'm beginning to suspect they may not even be terrestrial. I'm thinking sometime since the Reagan administration and maybe as far back as Nixon we were invaded by SOME sort of extraterrestrials who are manipulating some of the most powerful people on Earth.

On the other hand, there have been some really mean S.O.B.'s all throughout history.

Just seems like in the past they were out in the open ...

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