Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gilligan's Island First Pilot

The latest item of interest I stumbled across on In2TV is apparently the first pilot of Gilligan's Island.

It looks like, much like Star Trek, Gilligan's Island also had two pilots.

Different actors played the Professor and the characters that later became Ginger and Mary Ann.

There was also a REALLY bizarre different theme song.

What was most interesting, however, is that a couple of scenes from the first pilot made it into the second. There's a scene where Gilligan is jumping off the Minnow where you see the top of the head of the blonde actress from the first pilot. Mind you, both these episodes are in black & white, but, even so you can tell this blonde actress from the first pilot has hair that neither matches Tina Louise or Dawn Wells. As many times as I have seen the second pilot of Gilligan's Island I never noticed that discrepency.

On the other hand, spotting that one I imagine is almost as hard as spotting the one scene in the pilot of The Incredible Hulk where the Hulk is played by an actor other than Lou Ferrigno.

Yes, this In2TV is turning out to be quite fascinating - even if they do torture you with commercials you can't fast forward through ...

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