Sunday, September 2, 2007

Nokia N95 - The Ultimate Mobile Blogging Appliance?

I have to admit, some of the best pseudo-spam out there right now is from TigerDirect.

In today's flyer is a link to an unlocked Nokia N95 that, yes, would look to be a contender for the title of The Ultimate Mobile Blogging Appliance.

Now, they're asking $629.99 for it, which seems a little steep for anything that has the potential to get the snot beat out of it as badly as a cell phone (to say nothing for something that, even when used normally you're lucky to get two years of use out of), but it does have some features that seem really fantastic.

For one thing, the camera has a LENS COVER just like my beloved Nokia 6682. Yes, a cell phone camera NEEDS a lens cover because a cell phone gets put in places where, let's face it, the lens is going to be subject to - how shall we put this? - debris.

The camera itself is 5-megapixel and they're claiming the video side is capable of DVD-quality. That would be really awesome, particularly as Blogger now has capabilities of direct video uploads.

I'm not 100% sure, but it looks as though the phone might also be capable of 3G speeds on Cingular's network. That would be cool.

Looks like it has built-in GPS nagivation, quad-band capabilities, 250 minutes of talk time, WiFi capabilities, and excellent MP3 player, and a way interesting "slider" keypad design.

All in all this looks to have the potential to be a REALLY great gift for the ├╝bergeek in your life ...

Nokia N95 Review - Phonescoop



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