Monday, October 15, 2007

KenDiesel - Vindicated!

Although all the details have not yet been released, apparently the self-described Illustrious KenDiesel and the First Amendment of the US Constitution have won at least one battle against - of all places - Kroger's!

As I understand the original story, Obi Ken here (KenDiesel), a few months ago, for reasons still baffling to me, decided to post on his MySpace Blog some commentary where, if I understand it correcty, he was questioning the virtue of at least two of his co-workers.

As Obi Ken relates the story, representatives of Kroger's "Risk Management" department accosted him on his shift and summarily tossed him out of the building. Now, Kroger's of course is one of the last places that has an accountability to an established collective bargaining unit, so Obi Ken technically was suspended until representatives of that collective bargaining unit could be consulted.

Well, if I understand him correctly, word just came down over the weekend that instead of being "freed up for other opportunities" he is actually being transferred to a different Kroger location.

Oh, that's heavy.

It pretty rarely goes down that way.

Of course pretty much since the on-line world was invented in the early 1980's there has been a truly BIZARRE relationship between active on-line participants and many employers.

The employers, having the bulk of the money and the power, usually emerge victorious. Two of the most notable cases are the flight attendant who appeared in on-line photographs semi-nude IN her employer's uniform, and somewhat more recently where a WAIT STAFF from Florida was terminated for appearing in on-line photographs DRINKING A BEER.

Now, if I'm reading this correctly that, at least in a union environment, and if it's actually true of course, that you have the RIGHT to broadcast that someone has a revolving bedroom door ...

Well ... we may exercise a little more latitude the next time someone tries to air local celebrity dirty laundry on Axinar's ... :)

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At October 16, 2007 at 7:34 AM, Anonymous conspiracynut said...

Congrats, obiken. Bout time something half resembling justice happened to someone known by someone you know.


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