Monday, January 28, 2008

The Bush-Cincinnati Connection

There was a fascinating article in this morning's Cincinnati Enquirer about the somewhat mysterious connection between the Bush family and Cincinnati.

The general idea is that Cincinnati is not a particularly large city, and the Bush family has no particular history here, however George W. Bush has spent more time in Cincinnati than any President since William Howard Taft, who was born here.

There's also this matter that the Indian Hill/Madeira ZIP code of 45243 gave more money to the Bush campaign than any ZIP code outside of Texas.

The Dean of Cincinnati wrote some of his own speculation this morning on why the "power elite" seem to have a disproportionate concentration in Cincinnati.

I don't know if I would agree with all his points, but there is something quite spooky about the fact that, although George W. Bush was not raised anywhere near Cincinnati and speaks a dialect not terribly common here, his way of looking at life seems to be quite well represented here.

Perhaps it has something to do with this pattern I've seen repeated in locals many, many times of spending most of their 20's drinking and causing chaos only to "find Jesus" and think that the only way to straighten out any other problem is by forcing people to turn religious.

But the most disturbing Bush trait that seems to be overrepresented in the Cincinnati area is that it is perfectly okay to bomb innocent people if it will keep the defense contracts coming in.

Sometimes it really makes me sick to my stomach to see people involved in the manufacture of weapons practically become physically aroused in public when they hear a new war is starting.

And of course I suppose if you don't have a bit of moral hesitation to think that there may be something wrong with the fact that you're deriving your profits from the utter destruction of innocent people, I'm pretty sure you're not going to pause for a second to consider whether or not you're treating your employees fairly.

Yep ... let me tell you ... if I could get out of this area, I would ...

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