Thursday, January 24, 2008

PetSmart Supplier Caught Torturing Animals

Apparently it's not just sick kids who are abusing animals these days.

PETA sent in an undercover crew to a major PetSmart supplier, Rainbow World Exotics in Hamilton, Texas, and found things that would make any decent person sick for a week.

  • Rabbits being neutered with dull instruments without proper anesthesia and then cleaned up with CLOROX WIPES.

  • Rabbits force mated.

  • Live animals thrown in the trash.

  • Animals kept alive as "breeders" with HORRENDOUS injuries.

Yes - you know what's coming ...

This company just doesn't need fined.

This company just doesn't need put out of business.

The people involved in this company need executed.

With the same scissors they took to that rabbit.

And, I'm sorry ... I know you blocked out the face of "the snipper" because the poor S.O.B. probably couldn't get a job anywhere else, but how in the HELL could ANY human being serve as the "trigger man" in such a situation no matter how desperate they are.

I tell you ... I've pretty much lost all faith in humanity.

If there's an asteroid on the way, we deserve it ...

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