Friday, January 18, 2008

"Catastrophic Thinking" And Autism

Mrs. Axinar is watching a "women's health" episode of Oprah, so she chased me out of the family room so I'm having a chance to trim down my out-of-control blogroll.

Whilst doing this, I stumbled across a post on AutismVox about something the author calls "catastrophic thinking". She describes this as when her son Charlie "some sort of fear and worry grips him so suddenly and so thoroughly that he seems to think all will be over if he does not have another piece of bread or if he has to put on his coat."

Oh? So this sort of thinking has a name, eh?

Certainly The Old Man suffers from this kind of thinking - particularly on the subject of what will happen if he has to find a more appropriate place to live, but certainly *I* suffer from this as well. Every time I hear something along the lines that the economy is about to tank, not only do I worry about people I know being out of work, but I can pretty rapidly envision myself personally being on the breadline.

Oh, yes ... non-stop anxiety is just SO fun ...

And Speaking Of Which ...



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