Sunday, May 4, 2008

Women Voting The Source Of All Our Ills?

So I finally ran out of good books on CD to listen to and I was forced to tune into 700 WLW after doing the PROVISIONING for The Old Man on Saturday afternoon and I heard them interviewing this NUT who apparently wrote a book called The Curse Of 1920 where, if I understand it correctly, the author, Gary Naler, seems to be advocating the notion that all of society's ills are the result of women being given the right to vote in 1920.

Yes, this is one of these people where you find yourself questioning the wisdom of the First Amendment, but, generally speaking, I'm a big advocate of the notion that no matter how big of a whack job you're dealing with, so long as the person is at least semi-coherent the least you can do is hear the fool out and see where the conversation goes.

To tell you how worried this guy ought to make you, on the radio show he went on for quite some time about how much he admires Saudi Arabia, the last major country to deny women the right to vote. Apparently he thinks they have better morals or something.

Although, looking over this web site, this guy does worry me. If I understand him correctly he's into something called The Nazirite Vow that has something to do with avoiding grapes, not cutting your hair, and staying away from dead people.

Wow - I'm in major trouble. I have a GINORMOUS bag of black table grapes from Kroger's sitting in the 'fridge, frequently have a face and a head as smooth as a baby's butt, AND did the whole "hospice thing" of seeing my grandmother very shortly after she departed the planet.

If I'm reading this page correctly, he seems to be saying the fruit the Garden of Eden was a grape rather than an apple.

Oh, interesting ...

You know - that just MIGHT start to make some sense of the story.

Getting schnookered gives a person the knowledge of good and evil??

In my experience it's pretty much been the opposite.

Although, you know, this Gary Naler IS quite educational in a way because he obviously does not constrain himself to the confines of political correctness. He says what's on his mind, and I have a sinking feeling there are a great many other people out there who have similar ideas who are afraid to say them out loud.

However, it does make me a bit sad. He seems to be saying that the concept of "self-sufficiency" is masculine and the "nanny state" is feminine.

Interesting ...

I had always thought that considering the well-being of your fellow human was compassionate and even "Christian".

And I was pretty sure that being a totally self-involved S.O.B. who wouldn't even FLINCH at someone else's suffering was pretty much called "being a rotten bastard" ...


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