Friday, July 18, 2008

Paul Johnson (or someone CLAIMING to be Paul Johnson) Checks In

For a very long time I thought the world was very carefully segregated into right-wing sales types who don't necessarily want to attract a great deal of attention to themselves from the general public and those who have wild, creative, usually left-leaning personalities who are known to be up until 4am on a regular basis (if not awake for five days staight) working on some project that may or may not have any commercial value.

Well, along comes someone who looks as if he may span those two groups.

Yes, I got comment at 2am this morning from someone claiming to be Paul Johnson, the insurance dealer from Northern Kentucky who has a spot on 55KRC pretty much every evening about 6:03pm that consists of about 3/4 political commentary and 1/4 attempt to entice you to get a quote on a health insurance plan including, along other things, "free PAP, PSA, and colonoscopy".

Now, this person claiming to be Paul Johnson says, "It's 2:00 AM July 2008 and I woke up as I thinking about the Energy Freedom Video we may have completed in a few days."

The hit came from a IP address listed as being connected to in Florence. Now that's plausible that it could be the real Paul Johnson - on the other hand I'm sure there are at least hundreds of other Fuse customers that go through the Florence node.

The computer that made that hit is running XP and IE7 at a resolution of 1024 X 768 - also a very common configuration.

The search that led to Axinar's was the phrase "paul johnson in kentucky" launched from Zoomtown's search page, which is actually run by Google.

So it's certainly possible, although not conclusive, that this was the real Paul Johnson.

I was about to say the one way to authenticate the comment would be for Paul Johnson to call my "News/Tip Line" at (513) 685-0554, but it looks like he's already done it!

The Caller ID on Grand Central DOES check back to Paul Johnson Insurance.

The voice sounds quite a bit different over then phone than it does on the radio, but I think it may very well be the real Paul Johnson:

Anyway - back to the comment -

The comment is saying the "Energy Freedom Video", which I presume is the same video he has been mentioning in his radio spots, may be completed in "a few days".

Okay - don't wait TOO long - next week the CNN special where Whoopi Goldberg is telling us that 50:50 odds are MUCH worse than 1 in 2 odds will be running and I may have to devote my precious limited blogging time to THAT show and not be able to properly review the "Energy Freedom" show.

"You sond(sic) like a sharp (I would assume young man)." I don't know about young any more ... :) As for "sharp", someone once referred to me as "a staff unto himself". Dean - care to fill him in? :)

This comment is also asking if I'd like to meet him for coffee sometime.

Perhaps - but I think this one I might turn over to The Dean if he's interested.

Dean, now, so far as I know, Paul Johnson doesn't hold any current political offices, but the positions he describes in his ads, IMHO, are VERY representative of many of the business leaders in this area. An interview with him MIGHT be very enlightening as to the point of view of many other members of the business community who might feel uncomfortable speaking publicly on certain matters.

In any event, we shall certainly be looking forward to the "Energy Freedom" video ...

Paul Johnson's performance of The Star Spangled Banner
Paul Johnson's "Energy" Radio Spot
Bill Cunningham interviews Paul Johnson about energy policy
The David Pimentel "Cornell Ethanol" article



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