Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin's Daughter's Baby Daddy

Now Obama has been saying, "Hands of the families!", but fortunately the tabloid sites have been buring the midnight oil and have come up with staggering amounts of dirt on Sarah Palin's daughter's Baby Daddy.

Now of course all this got started with a really cool rumor over the weekend that Sarah Palin's youngest child was actually her granddaughter via her 17-year-old daughter Bristol. In order to dispell THAT rumor Sarah Palin released the news that Bristol is pregnant NOW.

Now isn't THAT fantastic news for an arch-conservative that your 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant.

The baby daddy is a 17-year-old hockey player named Levi Johnston. And Levi Johnston has a sister who had a MySpace page that was recently taken private, but not before most of the pictures from it were cross-posted here.

Just keep scrolling down - there's a picture of Bristol holding Trig and everything.

Yes, my friends - just remember - you better be careful what you post on MySpace, Facebook, etc.

You never know when your friend's mother might be nominated for Vice President.

Oh, that's RIGHT, she was already GOVERNOR OF ALASKA - you't think SOMEONE might have been paying attention ...

Palin Daughter Baby Daddy -- "Don't Want Kids" - TMZ



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