Saturday, September 27, 2008

Verizon Wireless Discontinuing SMS Delivery Confirmation September 30, 2008

Well, it's official, gang.

I just saw a "Tweet" from the official Verizon Wireless account that they are discontinuing SMS confirmation messages effective September 30, 2008.

Oh, now that's a bummer.

We just switched TO Verizon Wireless about a month ago and I thought it was really neat that you got a confirmation when you sent a text message to someone within the Verizon network.

I guess now - or so the story goes - they've acquired so many subscribers that the confirmation messages are jamming up the network.

Either that or - it would be my guess - they are going to wait until the users start demanding their confirmations back and they start charging - you guessed it - a bare minimum of something like $2.99/mo. to bring the confirmations back.

Although - question - do any of the other wireless carriers have this SMS confirmation feature?

And, hey ... why don't Verizon Tweets have links to longer press releases??



At October 1, 2008 at 9:14 AM, Anonymous JNels said...

Good news! Check out your Verizon Wireless text service today or Thursday . . . should have a nice "Message Sent" ping after you push the *send* button . . . .

JNels (Verizon Wireless PR guy.)


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