Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Obscene - Edited For Content

One fascinating side effect of being a world-renowed media reviewer is that you get ALOT of free magazines.

Start writing about religious matters on top of that and all of a sudden they think you're an evangelist preacher or something of the sort.

One such free magazine that shows up here from time to time is called Charisma + Christian Life. The October, 2007 issue has some reasonable fascinating articles about Israel and haunted houses, plus SEVERAL ads for church chairs, including one CALLED, but the one ad that REALLY captured my attention was for a movie called Beyond the Gates.

Now, the subject of this movie apparently is the 1994 Rwandan genocide - needless to say a subject that seems appropriate for an amount of profanity that generally only someone of Joy Rolland's stature could possibly produce.

However, as bizarre as it may seem, there is a HUGE flipping sticker on the front of this DVD that says "Edited for Content: Clean Language Version".

You have GOT to be kidding.

A movie about the Rwandan genocide.

Without even one F-bomb.

That is F*CK*D UP.

Of course there always has been something of a love-hate relationship between Thumpers and profanity. Even Archie Bunker once implied that the presence of the phrase "god damned him" in the Bible made that phrase (and it's considerably more popular present tense version) perfectly okay.

To site another example we need look no further than the self-described Illustrious KenDiesel (Obi Ken) who, in the last 17 minutes of his somewhat infamous show on BlogTalkRadio last night, whilst in the course of an impromptu debate on abortion seemed to be saying that someone who suffered birth control failure should not be allowed to have an abortion because she "volunteered to be jackhammered in the vaj".

This, BTW, is quite light for the kind of language you typically heard used on this show.

And Obi Ken is an admitted Thumper.

Oh yes ... I have two words for people who can't handle a little "rough" lauguage.

And they ain't "Happy Birthday."


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