Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Reader's Guide to Axinar's

So I stumbled across what Technorati has to say about Axinar's and it was pretty obvious it had been compiled before I started the blog over a few months back.

The two largest key words are "Malaysia" and "Star Trek" - "Star Trek" of course because it is the ultimate fiction creation of all time and "Malaysia" of course (along with Kuala Lumpur) because of a certified lunatic I ran into on Yahoo Messenger one time and her pint-sized co-hort.

AT&T and Cingular make the list of course because I have one heck of a calling plan I have grandfathered from them pretty much FOREVER and I truly did find it fascianting all the trouble they went into "re-branding" as AT&T started buying back up all the regional phone companies they had been forced to sell back in 1984.

Cosmos by Carl Sagan - certainly the greatest non-fiction work of all time.

Key West, Florida - spring break for adults - and of course the place where I got married back in March to a young lady who The Dean of Cincinnati still insists is Joy Rolland.

La Shawn Barber, who once asked me why I blog rolled her despite the fact that she is a hopeless Thumper. She IS a hopeless Thumper, but also an excellent writer.

David Carroll and Liz Carroll who are doing some MASSIVE time for taping up their foster child Marcus Fiesel in a closet until he died.

The Genius of Water - the statue on Fountain Square that was up at the Art Museum while Fountain Square was under renovation and has been affectionately been renamed "The Water Babe" by our good buddy Crankshaft.

Joy Rolland - paramour of the late Kabaka Oba and former Public Access TV star with a mouth that would make the entire navies of SEVERAL countries blush.

Keisha Castle-Hughes - Whalerider and The Nativity Story star who got everyone to gasping for getting PREGNANT at 16.

Malar Balasubramanian - young Tamil-American pediatrician from Blue Ash who brought MAJOR South Asian drama to the tri-state by first writing really sappy Ariel-esque style letters, then poisoning and STRANGLING her own mother, dragging the body into a late-model Oldsmobile, being found half-naked and wet on a lawn, and then utimately pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter and going on a ten-year vacation to Marysville.

Star Trek: Remastered - great new special effects - if WCPO can refrain from JIP'ing the cotton-picking program every week.

Unitarian - as in First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati where you too can listen to the quite fascinating Reverend Sharon Dittmar - and occasionally get REALLY confused.

And last but not least - YouTube - quite possibly a completely limitless source of amusement ...


At September 12, 2007 at 9:17 AM, Blogger Robin Edgar said...

It looks like the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Cincinnati forgot to insert Mary Bennett's all-inclusive U*U asterisk in www.firstuu.com ;-)

Here is my recent contribution to U*U Tube but one of my all time favorite U*U Tube videos is this Betty Butterfield video clip about her visit to a Unitarian "church".


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