Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Axinar's Headlines (And Books) Of IMPORT!

Once upon a time The Dean once called me "A Staff Unto Myself".

But, alas, there is only one of me, and quite often there are a great many topics of IMPORT that I would like to cover, but, unfortunately, I just don't have time to do justice to them all.

Fortunately the good people at Google have come up with a tool that will at least let me inform you in a reasonably efficient manner of the topics you should find of at least as much interest as I do.

Namely, although you may have seen my "Axinar's Headlines of Import" section on the right margin of Axinar's, I just found out this afternoon that I could actually blend the format of the section directly into the blog.

SO, if you'll pay careful attention, you'll notice that my newly expanded "Axinar's Headlines (And Books) Of IMPORT" section is now in the same format as my blog roll.

Books have been added thanks to the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County who now have an RSS feed of their new books, which is DA BOMB.

Also, for those of you who would like to go straight to the full-page version of "Axinar's Headlines (And Books) Of IMPORT" the link is here.

However, of course you ought to check in at the main Axinar's site from time to time to find out now only WHAT is going on, but what to think about it ... :)


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