Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halle Berry: Anti-Semitic?

Apparently during the taping of her Tonight Show With Jay Leno appearance last Friday night (Oct. 19, 2007), Halle Berry said something about a distorted picture of herself with a large nose looking like her Jewish cousin.

The comment was edited from the version of the show broadcast Friday night.

Now Halle Berry said she picked up the line from one of her Jewish friends and she repeated it before she realized that people would lose they minds.

Denmark Vesey of course is none too thrilled with the situation.

His subtitle for his blog entry is "Group Think Police Strike Again" and he characterizes the events as Halle Berry being "forced" to issue a public apology.

Damn right she needed to apologize.

Let's not even begin to comment upon the RIOT that would have gotten started, for instance, if some Jewish actress had gone hogwild on Photoshop with LIPS or some such and started running her mouth on Jay Leno.

She messed up.

She apologized.

She SHOULD have apologized.

Case closed ...

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At October 24, 2007 at 1:40 AM, Blogger Crankshaft said...

Oh gimme a break! What is with all this namby-pamby political correctness? You wanna come to down to Malaysia and learn how to REALLY insult someone?


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