Monday, November 12, 2007

Cincinnati Blog Needs Guest Writers!

Brian Griffin has a post up that he is in need of guest bloggers.

In case you have been in a cave for the last several years, the Cincinnati Blog is one of the most deft executions of cybersquatting ever carried out in the history of mankind.

Now, it is a fairly professionally done site. It covers almost exclusively Cincinnati-related issues and was, at one time anyway, THE only blog allowed to be viewed at Cincinnati City Hall under the orders of then-Mayor Charlie Luken.

Ala the Dean's pleadings of many years ago, of course The Axinar would be a potential candidate for such an endeavor - however at this point I'm bored out of my mind with Cincinnati politics and there's probably no way on God's green Earth that Brian, if he has a lick of sense, would let someone as tasteless as ME take over such a well-established and reputable Cincinnati institution.

SOOOOOOOOO ... any of you all out there in the Cincinnati area want to take on this challenge?

Or shall y'all really get a new view of yourselves by turning it over to the Malaysian Contingent ... :)



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