Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pets Caught Up In Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis

In those old sci-fi stories you used to occasionally read about some sort of tremendous plague that would come through and kill all the people but leave the pets wandering aimlessly.

Well, looks like this sub-prime mortgage crisis is something like a plague, and pets are getting abandoned all over.
  • A starving pit bull found in an abandoned and trashed house.

  • Dogs dumped on farm grazing grounds.

  • House cats taking up with wild cat colonies.

  • Abandoned dogs tied to trees in back yards.

  • Cats left in garages.

  • Turtles, rabbits and lizards still in children's bedrooms.
It almost makes a person wonder - where ARE all the PEOPLE going?

Has there been a noticeable uptick in suicide rates?

Are rental properties being flooded, causing rents to increase?

One thing is certain, it really IS starting to sound like a new Great Depression ...

Forclosure crisis leaves pets abandoned - 27News



At January 30, 2008 at 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't abandon your pets on farms. Take them to shelters. Farmers have the legal right to shoot any dog they perceive as a threat to livestock. They don't have to prove the animal was a threat, they just have to "feel" like it was. If you dump your dogs "in the country" they will be murdered in cold blood by a farmer or rancher. Be humane and take your pets to a shelter.

As for cats -- what happens to them "in the country" is so horrible it can't be described. Farmers do not want another barn cat to add to the collection and they have creative ways of inhumanely removing abandoned cats from their properties.

So people -- do not take Fluffy or Trixie for that ride in the country unless you are headed for a legitimate, well-known, reputable shelter. They deserve that -- at the very least.

P.S. Don't assume that hardship demands you dump your pets either. I have survived abandonment, major surgeries, moving from state to state and never once did we consider leaving behind any of our dogs, cats, or birds -- and we have several at any given time. We all face hard times but our animals haven't caused them. Our ignorance isn't their fault and dumping them won't turn back time. Give up material things before you give up on a life.


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