Thursday, March 6, 2008

Esther Mira To Play Parminder Nagra Body Double

I tell you Google Alerts is a fascinating thing.

Today's truly fascinating bit of info is some apparently aspiring actress named Esther Mira posted a quite authentic sounding blog that she has a gig starting tomorrow playing Parminder Nagra's body double for an episode of E.R.

Wait a minute ...

This is MAJOR news.

This means:

1) E.R. is filming again.

2) The character is Neela Rasgotra is going to do something where she NEEDS a body double.

Crankshaft will be so excited by this news she may actually soil herself.

Yes, a cursory examination would tend to indicate, depending on the lighting, that Esther Mira could do a body double for Parminder Nagra - although Esther looks quite a bit lighter and taller than Minder.

Yes ... hopefully Esther will be able to tell us when this episode is airing she is filming tomorrow ...

Remember ... you heard it here first, folks! :)

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