Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kentucky Derby Runner-Up Eight Belles Euthanized After Breaking Both Front Legs

Certainly I'm usually not big on keeping up with sports, but I stumbled across this really wicked sad story that the runner-up in yesterday's Kentucky Derby, a filly (female) they called "Eight Belles" had to be euthanized (put down) after breaking both ankles just after the finish of the race.

There are various versions of this story going around, but this original Louisville Courier-Journal article really seems to cover all the details.

Eight Belles snapped the cannon and sesamoid bones in both her lower front legs, which collapsed both of her ankles.

She was put down by lethal injection.

In a hurry.

In the middle of a race track.

And they can't seem to carry out lethal injections on human prisoners right with all the latest equipment and controlled circumstances.

It was the first Kentucky Derby fatality in modern times.

Only three fillies have won the Derby and only one other, Lady Navaree in 1906, ever came in second.

The Shakesville blog mentions that thoroughbreds are often given Lasix to prevent nosebleeds and that horse racing has a higher death rate than any other animal sport.

The Hullabaloo blog is making rude comments that this might be some sort of preview of coming attractions as Hillary Clinton has made some comments about "bet on the filly".

And of course you knew this was coming - PETA wants Eight Belles' jockey suspended. This despite the fact that the animal apparently looked perfectly fine right after crossing the finish line.

I'm guessing my grandmother would have said, "Poor horse ..."

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