Friday, July 18, 2008

The Periodic Table Of Videos

Just stumbled across a REALLY fascinating web site put together by The University of Nottingham in the UK where they have a page laid out like the periodic table of elements with a short video about each element that will play when you click the individual elements.

Needless to say - kids - don't try this stuff at home.

I haven't gotten through all the videos yet, but there is some FASCINATING stuff showing that elemental cesium is solid at room temperature but will melt with nothing more than body heat.

They talk about how depleted uranium is quite dense, but that it's danger is not so much from the radioactivity, but rather because it is so chemically toxic.

The piece on plutonium basically went like this - no "ordinary" university is equipped to handle it. If you had a plutonium sample the size of a golf ball it would weigh half a kilo (about a pound), would be as hot as fresh cup of coffee from McDonald's just from the radiation, and would break several hack saws just trying to break off a small piece from a larger piece.

Plus there's alot of really great fires and explosions in these videos ...


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