Saturday, September 6, 2008

Agriprocessors Caught Torturing Cattle Again

Despite assurances that they had changed their ways, the HUGE kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, Agriprocessors, has been caught torturing cattle again.

Now according to long-standing interpretations of the Torah, in order for an animal to be slaughtered in a kosher manner you can't stun it first - you're supposed to open up the neck in one motion with a perfectly sharpened blade. This is supposed to be the most humane slaughter method possible.

However, I don't think the Torah mentions ANYTHING about the huge wheel they invert these animals with, nor the "second cut" showed in this video and described in a recent Failed Messiah posting.

Temple Grandin, well-known autistic animal handling expert, has concluded the only possible way to keep these people from abusing these animals is to install monitoring cameras that can be audited over the Internet.

The more I read about this outfit the more disturbed I find myself.

I think it may very well be time that the Orthodox Jewish community considers the possibility that with the availability of mondern, powered tools, there may very well be other methods for slaughtering livestock than the techniques that so often lead to such cruelty inflicted upon these animals.

BTW ... can anyone direct me to a video of a kosher slaughterhouse where they actually do things PROPERLY??

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