Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Verizon Wireless PR Guy" Promising Text Message "Ping" Today Or Tomorrow

Of course as we know from many years of experience, absolutely anyone can claim to be absolutely anything on Axinar's, and the general standard I use for such claims is, "Who would bother to make such a thing up?"

So, we have someone using the handle JNels who claims to be a "Verizon Wireless PR guy" saying, we should have a "nice 'Message Sent' ping" after pushing the "Send" button on a text message today or tomorrow.

What in the HELL is a "Message Sent ping"?

Well, I just sent a text message to someone also on Verizon and I got the usual little "Check D" indicator within 30 seconds or so of sending a text message, so either they haven't turned off delivery confirmation yet, or the delivery confirmations are coming through the Blackberry PIN network somehow, or there's something going on I am unaware of at the moment.

Speaking of Verizon Wireless, I had The Old Man in the ER last night until 1 in the bless-ed A of M because he ripped his arm open and it wouldn't stop bleeding and only the 1X network penetrates into the treatment rooms down at Good Sam.

That was PAINFUL - slower than EDGE on AT&T, but the voice network was there, boys and girls.

Okay, now back to this SMS delivery confirmation thing - since we switched, almost all of Mrs. Axinar's text messaging traffic is on the Verizon network, but she says on her Samsung Flipshot that she doesn't get delivery confirmations at all.

What do these delivery confirmations look like on other Verizon phones? Are they entirely separate text messages or what do they look like?



At October 2, 2008 at 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a blackberry and an LG En-V...on the BB, delivery confirm comes through as a check "D" indicator but on my En-V (and every other phone I've had) it comes through as a check mark on the message in your sent bin. if the text hasn't gone through it looks like a an arrow that is facing 1:00 on a clock dial. I noticed that i stopped getting delivery confirmations in mid-September so i confirmed with Verizon Wireless support that eff Sept 18, 2008 they had stopped confirming deliveries of text messages b/c "it was responsible for slowing the overall network down"....but then this week i have noticed that all of my texts to Verizon phones are getting delivery confirmations again. Go figure.


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