Friday, December 19, 2008

Who Moved My Channels?

John Matarese got me all psyched up at the bottom of an article talking about recent changed to the Time Warner lineup.

Yes ... a couple of days ago I noticed static on Channel 55 on the one TV that I have hooked up to analog service. Apparently this is due to CNN Headline News being moved to Channel 10 so that "basic" cable subscribers can now pick it up.

However, what got me all excited is that WCPO's actual over-the-air HD signal is supposed to be on cable now on "Channel 9.1".

Uh ... well "9.1" is just the "marketing name" on HD. WCPO actually transmits on the old VHF channel 10, making it very difficult to pick up at Camp Axinar over rabbit ears.

Cable usually does carry channels on the same frequency as their over-the-air versions due to the possibility of interference and, guess what, they just moved CNN Headline to the Channel 10 frequency.

I cross-connected my analog cable lines into my converter box and - guess what? - nothing.

Nada, zip, zero.

Although I suppose as some point cable will start carrying over-the-air HDTV channels as more and more people get HD tuners, but there sure doesn't seem to be anything there now.

Bummer - I was looking forward to seeing some HD channels on cable without the need for a converter box at some point ...



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