Thursday, September 27, 2007

Parminder Nagra Back - And Under Duress

For the maybe two or three of you who might not know, the season premiere of ER is on tonight at 10pm - on WLWT, Channel 5 here in Cincinnati.

Some of us will actually get to watch it in HD.

Apparently "Access Hollywood" did an interview with Parminder Nagra that is running on the MSNBC site.

The main piece of plot for tonight involves Parminder Nagra's character, Dr. Neela Rasgotra, getting hauled into the E.R. with very critical injuries after having been trampled at an anti-war rally.

Access Hollywood is also running a really great set of Parminder Nagra photos.

Ah, yes, now that first-run episodes of ER are back on the year we may begin to follow Minder's career much more closely again ... :)

Oh, and speaking of NBC, if you can stay awake through the whole thing, a relatively high quality feed of the first episode of the new Bionic Woman show is available on NBC's web site ...

Q & A: Parminder Nagra Talks 'ER,' 'Bionic' Brits & Beckham! - Access Hollywood
ER Live Blog - NBC
Bastardly Breaking News! Indian Parminder Nagra has a White Boyfriend!! - Bastardly

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