Thursday, January 31, 2008

Victoria Wulsin Push Conference Calling (Telephone Town Hall Meeting)

About 7pm I got the STRANGEST phone call I've gotten in a while.

Apparently it's Victoria Wulsin with a "push" conference call that she calls a "Telephone Town Hall Meeting".

Yep - she called about 1000 people (I presume at random?) in the district in order to take questions from the people on various issues she's planning on tackling if she is elected to Congress.

So far there have been a few questions about health insurance and various other mundane topics.

Right now, in fact, she's talking about the fact that her own son graduated from college and couldn't find work and was without health coverage for quite a while.

I, myself, am waiting in the queue to ask her about her involvement with an organization trying to somehow cure AIDS in Africa by deliberately infecting people with malaria.

The Dean has brought this up when Victoria Wulsin first ran for Congress a couple of years ago and, in fact, headed me off from voting for her in the primary.

It took me a minute to figure out how to get in the queue for questions, so I'm probably not going to get on, but, heads up, people - if you get a REALLY wierd phone call it may be a politician with a wicked wierd conference call ...



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