Monday, May 5, 2008

Michael Savage: Eight Belles Put Down For The Insurance

So I'm still out of books-on-CD so I was listening to Michael Savage on 55KRC on the way back to Camp Axinar and he was saying that Eight Belles was put down for the insurance.

One of his callers was practically in tears telling the tale of how he was actually at the Kentucky Derby, saw the whole sequence of events with the horse being euthanized and is now ashamed to know all the words to "My Old Kentucky Home".

Michael Savage even says he agrees with PETA on this one.

Yikes - that's heavy.

Yes, my friends, we may have our first bonafide animal martyr on our hands here.

The trainer and owners of Eight Belles have been defending the jockey, Gabriel Saez and saying he did nothing wrong.

The story is that Eight Belles had a tendency towards drifting towards the rail and the jockey was using the whip to get her away from the rail.

The trainer, Larry Jones, is scheduled to hold a news conference tomorrow morning.

This ought to be entertaining.

The Humane Society of the United States is also chiming in saying that these horses are being so bred for speed they're becomming fragile.

I believe a blacksmith called into Michael Savage a few minutes ago and basically said these horses should not be run in competion until they are at least four years old because the bones have not fully formed yet.

Oh yes ... we've got a horse scandal here for sure, people ...

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At May 6, 2008 at 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I think Horseracing is inhumane and should be banned.


2. Michael Weiner (the real name of Savage) is also a complete nutjob and should not be taken seriously about anything except maybe herbs since he is a Herbologist. The horse was taken down not only because there were injuries she can't recover from but also because a horse is in sheer agony in that situation. I might hate horseracing but I also know these owners/trainers do treat these horses like their kids. Aside from forcing them to race, they are treated like gold and would do anything if they could save them. I'd like to see Weiner say to the face of Eight Belles' owner that he thinks they are perpetrating insurance fraud. He'd probably be too injured to even do his radio show from quite some time.

Skip Lockwood

At May 7, 2008 at 7:24 PM, Blogger Axinar said...

Oh, I don't think Michael Savage was saying that it was insurance FRAUD.

Obviously it was a very severe injury - quite similar to what happened to Ruffian in 1975, but I think what Savage and others are trying to say is that the SPEED might indicate that the insurance factor may have weighed heavily in the decision as, at least as they explained it, if the horse was hurt beyond repair the insurance paid immediately and in full but there are no provisions to attempt to rehabilitate a horse even with lesser injuries.

I'm no vet, but, yes, after reading the story about Ruffian I'm guessing at the end of the day what they did was the humane thing to do.

Crying shame we don't have similar respect for people.


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