Saturday, August 9, 2008

Orthodox Jewish Slaughterhouse Enslaving Workers?

I saw an interesting article in this week's American Israelite about a blog called FailedMessiah.

The article said the blog was super-critical of the hypocrisy and misuse of power that can run rampant in the Orthodox community so I thought it should certainly be given a look.

The first story of IMPORT is about a place that is no stranger to Axinar's - Agriprocessors. Agriprocessors is something like the largest kosher slaughterhouse in North America and a few years ago they made the blogosphere for employing a slaughter technique with cattle that left something like one in 1000 animals STAGGERING AROUND WITH THEIR THROATS SLIT.

Real appetising, right?

Well, if that wasn't bad enough, a few months ago Agriprocessors was raided over a STAGGERING number of illegal immigrant workers employed at the plant.

So now, to REALLY give Orthodox Judaism the reputation of truth, honor, and fair play it deserves, it now appears Agriprocessors is bringing in temps in large numbers from great distances from their Postville, Iowa location and, essentially, ENSLAVING the workers.

FailedMessiah obtained a check stub from one of the new workers showing how Agriprocessors is taking literally confiscatory rent payments from these $10/hr workers.

Yep ... you got it ... we let them break up the unions and what do we get? The Company Store is back, my friends.

Here it is almost 150 years since reconstruction and we STILL can't get Corporate America to stop trying to turn human beings into chattel.

And to think these particular slave drivers are ostensibly doing this work for ORTHODOX JEWS.

Yep ... I'm going to be keeping an eye on this FailedMessiah site and hoping that its proprietor branches out to covering ALL acts of religious hypocrisy.


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