Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Comcast Acquiring Plaxo

Opening my email this morning I was accosted by the potentially unfortunately news that Comcast is acquiring Plaxo.

Now, I had never heard of Plaxo until I found out that they had linked up with AOL to handle address book moves.

At first that's all they were - this service where you could keep an on-line address book and then your contacts could keep their own contact information updated themselves.

Of course it wasn't terribly useful at all, because if you contacts stopped used Plaxo your address books would automatically update with outdated information.

And THEN they tried to clone LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously.

The blog traffic seems to point to a concern that Plaxo, backed by a major telecomm player, will now get even MORE obnoxious with the unwelcome and semi-unwelcome emails.

Well, of COURSE, if you email anyone at all, you're eventually going to get invites from social networking sites, but what worries me about this is that Comcast is the outfit that not only throttles BitTorrent traffic but lies to the FCC about throttling BitTorrent traffic.

Now they're going to know who all your friends and business associates are.

That is JUST lovely.

I think I'm going to start dismantling my accounts there like TODAY ...

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