Monday, May 19, 2008

Windows XP SP3 Post Mortem

I think it's been - what? - at least a couple of weeks now?

I went to the Windows Update site on both my computer and Mrs. Axinar's computer when I first saw that the Windows XP SP3 updates were out.

The install was UTTERLY flawless on Mrs. Axinar's computer. No hitches at all.

Mine STARTED to do the "endless reboot" thing, but after the second reboot it came to its senses.

Now, the information coming out is that some of the HP machines with AMD chips were having trouble because HP created the original XP image on Intel machines and then used them on the AMD models. Apparently there were some "dormant" Intel drivers left over that were driving SP3 nuts. Patches are coming out for this problem as we speak.

HOWEVER, my main machine is a Gateway 825GM, which is an Intel machine.

However, it is an incredibly SOUPED UP Gateway 825GM - upgraded graphics card, upgraded audio, etc., etc.

I'm guessing maybe that one reboot cycle may have been caused by some "dormant" drivers on my machine for the original video and/or audio configuration perhaps.

The question I have for y'all though ...

Have any of you noticed that your machines boot up MUCH faster under SP3???

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