Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Men Get Postpartum Depression Too

I've occasionally run across information covering this, but there's a new study out saying that one in 10 new dads meet standard criteria for moderate to severe postpartum depression.

I keep telling Mrs. Axinar about this and she generally doesn't listen.

You see, my own mother came down with one of the most monstrous cases of postpartum depression / postpartum psychosis recorded up until that time.

Unfortunately this was 40 years ago and nobody understood that some people can react like that.

As the story goes, I was a very cholicy baby and cried non-stop until ...

Well, now basically ... :)

But it was really bad when I was very little and my mother got so upset about it apparently she tried to kill me a couple of times.

Now, according to this article women show signs of post-partum depression by becomming sad or withdrawn, while men may become irritable, aggressive, and even hostile.

Yep - I've tried to warn Mrs. Axinar about this.

Given similar circumstances - a baby that is screaming it's head off for the better part of the year, unlike "normal" people who get all protective and just "deal with it", I have this nasty supicion the ol' Axinar just might go full-blown nuts.

What of course fascinates me is the utter inability of Mrs. Axinar in her neurotypicality to take this situation seriously. She's the type to say, "Oh, it will be alright," or "We'll figure it out."

Now actually professionals I have discussed this matter with pretty much say, "You're absolutely on target. I believe you are functional enough to have a successful marriage. No problem there. Do NOT have children."

However, I suppose now that we DO understand these things a little better, if Mrs. Axinar and I ever do have children maybe there will be sources of help available to keep me from having to be tased or worse.

Oh, and BTW - Dean - barring some unforseen event they'll be BLACK - deal with it ... :)

Men Also Get Postpartum Depression - WebMD

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