Thursday, May 22, 2008

Radio Shack's Digital-to-Analog Converter Box

So I get this call today from an on-line vendor telling me that the analog pass-through DTV converter that I was trying to order isn't going to be in until June and that my government coupon is expiring TOMORROW.


It wasn't really the model I wanted anyway, so I'm thinking, "Okay, okay, I'll spend my 2nd coupon on an all-digital model locally and get it over with."

So I stop into Radio Shack and pick up their "Digital Stream" model. They told me their's was special because it had a universal remote.

They also were offering a 25% discount on rabbit ears, but I'm pretty sure we have rabbit ears on all the sets that need the boxes.

Mind you I haven't actually OPENED this thing yet. I'm thinking this one will probably be for The Old Man. I still have the "Insignia" model I picked up from Best Buy on my main set.

Now, the Radio Shack "Digital Stream" model seems to have decidedly mixed reviews on a number of issues. The one thing it might have a head's up on the Insignia model over is a 12-hour program guide.

Everyone seems to be raving about the Zenith model. H.H. Gregg was out of them unfortunately.

Oh - the other thing I thought was interesting was that when I was telling the Radio Shack guys I was rather disappointed that the analog pass-thru models won't be out until after my coupons expired he said that it didn't really matter anyway because the low-power stations will be subject to heavy fines the longer they stay analog.

Has anyone read anything about this??

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At October 23, 2008 at 8:09 PM, Blogger Jhon said...

How Many channels does it come with?


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