Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Biography Of Nate Livingston

Now yesterday morning Nate Livingston attempted to explain the public significance of the shenanigans going on regarding a custody case between himself and Amanda Mayes.

He compares it to the case going on with IRS worker John Snyder who is being investigated for snooping on the tax records of at least 197 celebrities.

Nate further goes on to criticize "the 3 white boys who run The Cincinnati Beacon" for criticizing HIM.

Uh, well, yes, I'd have to say that this intrigue involving what should be a simple custody case DOES take on public implications when you get to talking about records being mis-appropriated, taxpayer-sponsored lawyers being involved, and pretty much ANYTHING involving Tyrone Yates is subject for public discussion.


Nate pretty much utterly and totally assasinated his own credibility (not that there was much of it left to begin with) by going on an SSN posting festival.

Just the technical manifestation of that little maneuver resulted in the destruction of one of the more valuable sub-domains on Blogspot.

The comment stream under The Dean's original posting about the "Cincinnati Black Blog" being taken down is still hot and heavy with accusations and counter-accusations flying all over the place.

So, I got to thinking - you know what we need? We need a coherent Biography of Nate Livingston.

We need to know where he grew up, where he learned his politics (God only knows his sister wasn't so racist - at least not 25 years ago), when he started being a professional Baby Daddy, etc., etc.

Otherwise I'm not going to be able to make a lick of sense out of any of this pretty soon ...



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