Friday, May 23, 2008

KenDiesel On Gay Marriage

There are times, I swear to you, when I almost admit to being remiss in my duties as an American that I let his mother raise KenDiesel as conservative as he is.

Of course THEN there's the matter of America's education system having decayed to the point that they're apparently not even TRYING to cover this "judicial review" notion.

Case in point - The Illustrious KenDiesel posted this screed about the California Supreme Court overturning that state's gay marriage ban.

Mind you I took a borderline FRANTIC phone call over this a few days back.

The Illustrious KenDiesel was not only audibly shaken by this turn of events, he was INCENSED.

"How DARE five judges overturn the will of the people of California?"

Uh, well, that's kind of the way the system works - at least at present.

Brown v. Board.

Miranda v. Arizona.

Gideon v. Wainwright.

Hell - Bush v. Gore.

Every once in a while it even works out to the conservative advantage.

Think about THAT one - without judicial review, probably the votes from the entire state of Florida would have needed to be discarded and we would have been plunged into a Constitutional crisis.

No - we had seven men and two women who made the grave decision to appoint George W. Bush to the office rather than suffer even more intensely deleterious consequences.

Fortunately the framers put in all manner of checks and balances into our system.

It requires the cooperation of the legislature and the executive to pass a law. If the executive is being insolent a supermajority of the legislature can override the executive. If the executive and the legislature are simultaneously being insolent, the judicial branch can put the kibosh on both and rule a law unconstitutional. If the judicial branch is being insolent, a really huge majority can amend the constitution.

Quite honestly I don't know what an equitable solution is to this gay marriage issue. On the one hand you have a vocal, politically powerful minority essentially saying that in denying one's right to marry you are denying one's humanity. This issue was covered in Bicentennial Man for those of you who weren't paying attention.

On the other hand - and this I have some trouble getting a handle on - the other side almost seems to be saying that by allowing gay marriage you are dehumanizing the straights.

It's one thing to site chapter and verse on "so and so and such and such is an abomination", but I tend to pay more attention to what people say when they're boiling mad. They tend to be more honest. And I believe it was on Larry King when a breathless Bob Jones said something to the effect, "Larry, by allowing gay marriage you are depricating MY marriage in ways I can't even describe."

Again - I'm not sure what he meant - but I think he was being sincere - or at least as sincere as a Thumper can ever be.

I can speculate though - that he's thinking if the government sanctions the First Church of Leather to perform gay marriages and that same government sanctions the First Church of Duplicity to perform STRAIGHT marriages that somehow the ensuing anal jackhammering of the first case "taints" the presumably saintly vaginal jackhammering of the second case.

Probably the issue will never be resolved -

Well, that is until the Islamists out-breed us into obsurity and we're all under sharia law anyway ...


At May 23, 2008 at 5:48 PM, Blogger Kenneth said...

Yea, cuz Gore would have been so much better.

'Well, I'm sorry Mr. Bin Laden for American's driving their SUVs and making your desert hott. Please, take the state of Texas as a token of our apology, and feel free to attack us again if it suits you.'

These checks and balances you speak of.... are the reason that people trash talking Bush look like morons. It's a tripod, and the blame goes on the entire government, not one man in one branch.

Open thine eyes so that thou might see.

Thanks for whoring out my blog though.


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