Tuesday, June 10, 2008

IS It A "Blessed Event" When The Axinar Is Involved?

Well, as some of you already know, Mrs. Axinar was scheduled for an ultrasound yesterday. The test got cancelled because of a power failure at the lab.

Mrs. Axinar apparently observed some language that I have rarely heard used outside the Holland Tunnel during a traffic jam.

One of the expectant fathers travels extensively for work and booked a special flight to come in for the 26-week ultrasound.

Just about EVERYONE there took off work or were significantly inconvenienced in some way as the OB/GYN, although having convenient locations for office visits and actual deliveries, the only ultrasound lab they work with is way the hell out of the way.

However, last week Mrs. Axinar had a test called a "doppler" that picks up the fetal heartbeat and I presume they have some other way short of the ultrasound to "guess" that the implantation site is viable, so, yes, barring "issues", there will be a third inhabitant of Camp Axinar sometime around the middle of January.

God help us all.

Thanks of course to the analysis of The Dean of Cincinnati, at this point we have no idea if this child has any real potential to be the 2nd Black President of the United States as we can't even arrive at any real consensus as to whether or not this child is Black.

KenDiesel was quite looking forward to the ultrasound images as he planned to make a blog posting asking whether or not this murky image of the fruit of my loins was a human being or not.

According to Mrs. Axinar it is, of course, but under other circumstances, it might not be. That topic will of course deserve some discussion.

And, on that topic of course, as Mrs. Axinar was filling out the paperwork for the hospital I noticed that even at this early stage of the game they were asking for MY Social Security Number. The paperwork wasn't even delicate about it - they're after me for child support ALREADY!!

Mrs. Axinar of course can opt out of this ill-advised expedition any time, but it's likely a life sentence for me.

And, yes, we now have a lifetime of blog fodder to look forward to.

The ultrasound has been rescheduled for Friday and then the real fun will begin.

Oh, what have I gotten myself into???


At June 10, 2008 at 2:06 PM, Blogger The Dean of Cincinnati said...

What have you gotten yourself into?

WELL, if you try to remind anyone that your kid is actually part white since, well, you are -- maybe some science nut will start quoting you percentages about sub-saharan African genealogy and going off about Skippy Gates.

At June 10, 2008 at 4:52 PM, Blogger Axinar said...



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