Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Campaign On The DHL Move And Economic Destruction Of Wilimgton, Ohio

For those of you from outside the area - about an hour northeast of Cincinnati is a town called Wilmington, Ohio facing the closing of a DHL facility and impending economic destruction.

It's so bad an out of state casino operator has taken advantage of the situation and has ads running with at least one DHL worker just saying flat out that the casino is her "only hope".

The whole situation is so sad I'm pretty much beyond words ...

But if I wasn't, those words wouldn't be very good I'll tell you that right now ...

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Ayn Rand on Faith vs. Reason

The Spanish subtitles are a bit distracting, but an interesting clip ...


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Shock the Monkey" - Peter Gabriel


"Beautiful Liar" - Beyonce / Shakira


"All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You" - Heart


Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"I Love Rock N' Roll" - Joan Jett


"Never Gonna Give You Up" - Rick Astley


"There's A Tear In My Beer" - Hank Williams Jr.

This is the ONLY country song I like, BTW ...


"Remember the Time" - Michael Jackson


"Man in the Mirror" - Michael Jackson


"Thriller" - Michael Jackson


"Like a Prayer" - Madonna


"Orinoco Flow" - Enya

And this one actually appears to be LEGAL from MTV Music ...


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Andy Martin vs. Barack Obama

It would appear there is ANOTHER gentleman filing various lawsuits to attempt to prove Barack Obama ineligible to serve as President due to no suitable birth certificate being available.

That gentleman is Andy Martin, and, amongst other things, he's claiming Barack Obama's biological father is someone named Frank Marshall Davis.

Nevermind the fact that there doesn't seem to be any conceivable motive that, even if it were true, that Barack Obama, Sr. would have agreed to taking "credit" for the indiscretion of Frank Marshall Davis.

Now, for a gratuitous application of Occam's razor, I suppose it is remotely possible that Ann Dunham could have been involved with both Barack Obama, Sr., and Frank Marshall Davis at the same time, but something of course POSSIBLE does not make a good conspiracy story.

Now of course what is interesting about ALL this action is that apparently there is no way to enforce Article II of the Constitution.

When you start a job in this country, under penalty of confiscatory fines and other nastiness, employers are beholden to request and authenticate passports, driver's licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, and other similar documents to verify your eligibility to legally work in the United States.

No matter what Obama's actual story turns out to be, what we're discovering quite rapidly here is that THERE IS NO I-9 FORM FOR RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.

There apparently is no authority in charge of setting standards for verifying the Article II requirements for running for President.

Now THAT has me a little concerned ...


Philip J. Berg - Obama Birth Certificate Suit DISMISSED

Looks like word has just come down that U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick on Friday night rejected the suit by attorney Philip J. Berg, who alleged that Obama was not a U.S. citizen and therefore ineligible for the presidency.

Surrick ruled that Berg lacked standing to bring the case, saying any harm from an allegedly ineligible candidate was "too vague and its effects too attenuated to confer standing on any and all voters."

Holy cow.

Judge Surrick may have just repealed the Constitution of the United States.

Who's responsibility IS it then to enforce the qualification clauses of Article II?

I'm presuming Philip J. Berg is going to appeal.

I'll let you know as soon as I find any chatter about the details on that ...

Berg lawsuit on Obama birth certificate reportedly dismissed - Free Republic
Judge rejects Montco lawyer's bid to have Obama removed from ballot - Philadelphia Daily News


Friday, October 24, 2008

Philip J. Berg Interview On Michael Savage (Obama Birth Certificate Controversy)

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Philip J. Berg - Obama Birth Certificate Suit Makes Mainstream Media

The Toledo Fox affiliate is running a story about Philip J. Berg's lawsuit claiming Barack Obama is ineligible to serve as President due to not being a natural born United States citizen.

I still say we haven't seen any really solid information on this subject, although now Mr. Berg is at least claiming that Obama's step-grandmother in Kenya is claiming to have been present in the delivery room in Kenya when he was born.

Hardly admissible testimony I admit, but at least SOMEONE has produced some testimony that Obama was born in Kenya.

A more interesting point that he makes is that at one time Barack Obama was registered in school in Indonesia as "Barry Soetoro" and as an Indonesian citizen through his step-father.

Now, according to Philip Berg, Indonesia didn't recognize dual citizenship at that time, but of course the important question is whether not not THE UNITED STATES would recognize Barack Obama as having surrendered his US Citizenship by declaring Indonesian citizenship.

If Philip Berg's Indonesia citizenship theory holds up, however, Barack Obama would not only be ineligible to serve as President, but in fact would be an illegal alien.

Probably the biggest boatload of Bravo Sierra that anyone has come up with in a while, but interesting to contemplate ...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paul Johnson Of Walton, KY Takes A Phone Call From GOD

For those of you who just missed it, Paul Johnson was just on 55KRC with his nightly diatribe.

This one was particularly hilarious. He actually sent me a rough cut of the YouTube video of this one a few days ago and I've been shaking my head ever since.

He claims to have gotten a phone call from God.

Now, certainly many people claim to be acting on orders from God - Sarah Palin and George W. Bush come to mind of course, but I always envisioned that they experienced communication from The Almighty via a dream or a "gut feel" of some sort.

Paul Johnson seems to think God is in the habit of ringing people up. Perhaps God is even a Verizon Wireless customer or something of the sort.

In any event, if I understand him correctly, God seems to be ordering Paul Johnson to vote for the anti-abortion candidates in the upcoming election.

In fact, God tells him that He will be in the voting booth on November 4th.

I swear to you I am not making this stuff up.

Paul Johnson also claims that God has already scheduled a time for Paul Johnson to appear before him and, well - I imagine being held accountable for spending such staggering sums on these radio ads.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Pegasus" - Bear McCreary - Battlestar Galactica Season 2

And this one I still think is the best original piece from the series so far ...

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"Colonial Anthem" - Bear McCreary - Battlestar Galactica Season 2

I swear to you I tear up every time I hear this ...

"... because I don't wear a uniform ... most of us don't ... most of us never will ..."

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"Surfin' Bird" - The Trashmen - 1963

Someone just HAD to upload this, didn't they???


Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Racists Of Greater Cincinnati

Actually I have been told there are people in some other countries who won't even VISIT this area due to attitudes like these ...

New Batch Of Star Trek Photos At Entertainment Weekly

Looks like Entertainment Weekly just got hold of a new batch of photos from the Star Trek movie coming out in May, 2009.

I just REALLY hope this movies doesn't severely suck ...


"Governor Palin, I Should Have A Choice About THIS ..."


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Judaism 2.0

Occasionally I take a little stroll through my traffic logs to find out what brings my rag-tag, fugitive readership to Axinar's, and occasionally there seems to be an uptick in traffic related to people looking for information about Congregation Beth Adam.

Of late, specifically a few folks seem to be looking for such things as "Beth Adam streaming", so I presume they are looking for Rabbi Robert Barr's famous podcasts.

Actually, I got to thinking about it - it is probably only because Bob Barr has more than your average rabbi's interest in technology that he even caught my attention.

I think it was something like 1995 - he was giving a talk to the local Libertarian educational group and I remember part of the talk went something like, "Are you familiar with the Internet? You better get familiar with it. Certainly the enemies of freedom are familiar with it," and then he proceeded to pass around what I remember to be a stack of 50-some pages of print-outs of neo-Nazi sites.

For those of you who for whatever reason might never have the opportunity to hear Rabbi Barr speak, he has been doing podcasts for quite some time that are usually quite fascinating.

Bob Barr and Beth Adam are no strangers to controversy. Beth Adam is a Jewish congregation that doesn't mention God specifically in its liturgy.

Now, I once had a conversation with an überfrum Jew at Mensa who said to me, "Why of course, this is a very Jewish thing to do." He explained that if there is a concept that the "YHVH" that appears in the Bible as a name of God is never to be uttered, and even "Adonai" ("The Lord") is not to be said except in serious prayer (substituted with "Adoshem"), and "Elohim" is never to be said except in serious prayer (substituted with "Elokim"), then perhaps there is a perfectly valid point to be made here that referring to God AT ALL (even with "HaShem" - "The Name"), itself is hopelessly blasphemous and perhaps ONLY Beth Adam shows the proper respect to God.

Now, I don't think that's the the thought process that led Beth Adam to omit any overt references to God from its liturgy. Agnosticism and Atheism are very important aspects of Judaism - a thought that blows away a great many people with a Christian background and is too lengthy even for me to get into right at this moment.

While going over the various search links, I discovered that the controversy involving Beth Adam even made it all the way to the New York Times.

You see, somewhere along the way Beth Adam decided they wanted to join the UAHC - the "Union of American Hebrew Congregations", the national organization for Jewish congregations affiliated with the "Reform" movement.

There's actually a fair amount that has been written about Beth Adam's rejection from the UAHC, but probably the most coherent description I've heard came from a local Reform Temple-goer who said to me something to the effect, "Yes, we sat down and decided that Beth Adam was most definitely JEWISH, but it was not REFORM Jewish."

Beth Adam has continued to survive and prosper, constructing its own building in Loveland, and continuing to have a healthy, productive relationship with the Reform movement - hiring interns from Hebrew Union College and participating in other functions associated with the Reform movement.

However, since Mrs. Axinar's mother doesn't approve of the Unitarian Church's lack of a specific theology, I'm assuming she would be UTTERLY disappointed in Beth Adam, so I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to drag Mrs. Axinar over there or not.

Oh, speaking of the Unitarian Church and Bob Barr's penchant for controversy - check this one out - he gave the Chrismas Eve sermon at the First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati (mp3) last year (December 24, 2007).

Yes, in the world of Liberal Theology, strange, strange things can happen ...

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A Mother's Promise: The Biography of Barack Obama

There are pics of Barack's parents in this video I have never seen before ...

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Google Main Page Ten-Year Time Lapse

And if I'm not mistaken the lyrics are the same as the track "To Kiss Or Not To Kiss" from the soundtrack of the Battlestar Galactica 2003 mini-series.

The tune is somewhat different of course ...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Reborn" Baby Dolls

Highly disturbing ...

"Verizon Wireless PR Guy" Promising Text Message "Ping" Today Or Tomorrow

Of course as we know from many years of experience, absolutely anyone can claim to be absolutely anything on Axinar's, and the general standard I use for such claims is, "Who would bother to make such a thing up?"

So, we have someone using the handle JNels who claims to be a "Verizon Wireless PR guy" saying, we should have a "nice 'Message Sent' ping" after pushing the "Send" button on a text message today or tomorrow.

What in the HELL is a "Message Sent ping"?

Well, I just sent a text message to someone also on Verizon and I got the usual little "Check D" indicator within 30 seconds or so of sending a text message, so either they haven't turned off delivery confirmation yet, or the delivery confirmations are coming through the Blackberry PIN network somehow, or there's something going on I am unaware of at the moment.

Speaking of Verizon Wireless, I had The Old Man in the ER last night until 1 in the bless-ed A of M because he ripped his arm open and it wouldn't stop bleeding and only the 1X network penetrates into the treatment rooms down at Good Sam.

That was PAINFUL - slower than EDGE on AT&T, but the voice network was there, boys and girls.

Okay, now back to this SMS delivery confirmation thing - since we switched, almost all of Mrs. Axinar's text messaging traffic is on the Verizon network, but she says on her Samsung Flipshot that she doesn't get delivery confirmations at all.

What do these delivery confirmations look like on other Verizon phones? Are they entirely separate text messages or what do they look like?


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